work [n1] labor, chore assignment, attempt, commission, daily grind*, drudge, drudgery, effort, elbow grease*, endeavor, exertion, functioning, grind, grindstone*, industry, job, moil, muscle, obligation, pains*, performance, production, push, salt mines*, servitude, slogging, stint, stress, striving, struggle, sweat*, task, toil, travail, trial, trouble, undertaking; concepts 87,362,677 —Ant. entertainment, fun, pastime work [n2] business, occupation activity, art, calling, commitment, contract, craft, do*, duty, employment, endeavor, gig*, grind*, industry, job, line, line of business, livelihood, métier, nine-to-five*, obligation, office, practice, profession, pursuit, racket*, responsibility, skill, slot*, specialization, stint, swindle, task, thing*, trade, vocation, walk; concepts 349,351,360 —Ant. entertainment, fun, pastime work [n3] achievement act, application, article, composition, creation, deed, end product, function, handicraft, handiwork, oeuvre, opus, output, performance, piece, product, production; concepts 260,706 —Ant. failure, loss work [v1] be employed; exert oneself apply oneself, be gainfully employed, buckle down*, carry on, dig, do a job, do business, drive, drudge, earn a living*, freelance, have a job, hold a job, hustle*, knuckle down*, labor, manage, manufacture, moil, moonlight*, nineto-five it*, peg away*, plug away*, ply, punch a clock*, pursue, report, scratch, slave, slog*, specialize, strain, strive, sweat*, take on, toil, try; concepts 100,351 —Ant. idle, laze, relax, rest work [v2] manipulate, operate accomplish, achieve, act, behave, bring about, carry out, cause, contrive, control, create, direct, drive, effect, execute, force, function, go, handle, implement, manage, maneuver, move, perform, ply, progress, react, run, serve, take, tick, use, wield; concepts 94,117,199,204 work [v3] cultivate, form care for, dig, dress, farm, fashion, handle, knead, labor, make, manipulate, mold, process, shape, tend, till; concepts 173,184,257 —Ant. destroy

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